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Why be an ordinary man when you can turn into a SUPERman?

Le Surhomme is a vibrating cock ring made of medical grade silicone. In addition to offering you and your partner exhilarating vibrations that will spread all the way to the tip of your penis, she will have the impression that a small silky tongue is treating her with a cunnilingus. How awesome is that?

Thanks to its wireless remote control that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand (or that of your partner), you can leave it in place once properly installed and navigate among its 10 vibration functions by pressing a single button. Something to revigorate your sex life!

Le Surhomme has two rings, a smaller one to install at the base of the penis, to help maintain a strong erection, and a larger one that goes under the testicles, to provide optimal support and better control of your ejaculations.

In addition to being discreet in size and quiet, it also has the advantage of being waterproof! Your sexy moments in the shower will never be the same again...

Rechargeable, it comes with its USB charging cable. Drop the batteries and move on to the modern age of pleasure!

Believe us gentlemen, she will ask for more... and more!


Color: Black

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