About ErosAndCompany

Eros and Company's mission is to promote health, well-being and sexual fulfillment, one orgasm at a time.

Eros and Company sex shops offer a wide range of products at more than competitive prices, in addition to outstanding service (in store and online).

Always looking for innovative concepts to promote fulfilling sexuality, Eros and Company accompanies you in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

The Eros and Company sex shops are:

  • The largest network of sex shops in Quebec
  • The widest choice of products
  • Customer service at your service
  • Online and in-store advisors to help you make inspiring choices that are representative of your requirements
  • Total confidentiality of your personal data
  • Fast and discreet delivery

Our expertise:

  • Knowledge of the best products in the industry
  • Solid experience in the retail industry
  • Passion for service excellence and our clients' confidentiality
  • The search for innovative products that will satisfy your fantasies or your fantasies