Free presentations of erotic and sensual products

Live the Eros experience for your sex toys event!

To give an original theme to your event or simply because you wish to obtain personalized advice on our range of products, Eros et Compagnie offers you to organize a demonstration of sensual and erotic products, sex toys, and naughty lingerie. You and your friends will be able to make all your purchases directly with the ambassador, in complete privacy.

Our ambassador will help organize your presentation and answer all your questions.

This service is free and without obligation. In addition, Eros And Company provides gifts to the host of the event and the value of these gifts is proportional to the sales made. So the more your friends are tempted by our inspirations during a presentation, the more YOU benefit.

And we are everywhere in Quebec... and more!

Gifts for the host or hostess!

We are often asked about the benefits of hosting an Eros event. There are many. You'll be able to experience a wonderful range of sexy products in the privacy of your own home. You and your guests will have a great time with one of our ambassadors, but most importantly, as the host or hostess of the event, we will thank you in a special way.

Discounts, discounts, discounts!

As a host or hostess, you will receive gifts based on the value of the evening's sales. Encourage your friends! You will be given 10% or 15% of the amount of your evening's sales as a credit to buy the products of your choice!!!!

For example:
$600 in sales = 10% credit = $60 worth of products of your choice
$1000 in sales = 10% credit = $100 worth of products of your choice
$1600 sales = 15% credit = $240 worth of products of your choice
$2000 sales = 15% credit = $300 worth of products of your choice
No minimum purchase required to receive the host or hostess credit

Products at 50% off!

Presentation hosts or hostesses will enjoy additional promotional discounts, depending on the purchase amount made by guests during the sextoys presentation.

Hosts or hostesses can get up to $500* worth of gifts...and more! Wow, there's a lot to celebrate!

Gifts to spark a hot, sensual, and romantic evening at home or a steamy, passionate night at the hotel?

Contact us to find out about our current promotions! Dates are booking up fast!

*Minimum total purchase of $400 before taxes and handling to be eligible for promotional gifts.

Plus, generous gifts for your guests!

Guests of your Eros presentation can receive gifts with any order of $50 or more (before taxes and handling) among the available choices! A great way to stock your bedside table and discover some nice surprises!

How the sex toy presentation works

During the Eros sex toy presentation, each item will be explained to you by our trained ambassador, sometimes in the form of games, sometimes with more serious explanations. Our consultant will answer all your questions, often without you having to ask them. Furthermore, our ambassador will give you judicious advice on the use of erotic products and sex toys, to make their use even more enjoyable and, who knows, to discover new sensations?

Our sex toy specialist will make sure you have a great evening of fun in the comfort of your home. That's the sex shop coming to your place!

Once the sex toy demonstration is over, you and your guests can shop privately with the Eros And Company ambassador. Each guest will also receive gifts according to the value of their purchases and the applicable conditions.

How do I do it?

Step 1

Choose your date and register

Step 2

A sex toy specialist in your area will contact you

Step 3

Invite your friends to your event

Step 4

Relax and get ready to have a good time: Your Ambassador will take care of everything!


An Eros demonstration is an ideal idea for a reinforcement or consolidation activity (Team Building) within your company. A concept unique to Eros et Compagnie. Reserve an evening or a happy hour with one of our ambassadors to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary and super entertaining presentation! Your colleagues will thank you for years…
There are many...
  • The host or hostess receives gifts!
  • Having fun, laughing, unplugging... Everyone has a good time!
  • Discovering brand name, quality, and trustworthy products!
  • Meeting a human team, focused on the pleasure of their customers!
  • A safe and warm environment, with your family and friends!
  • Getting away from the daily routine!
  • The fun continues... even after the event!
  • Expanding your horizons, sharing your experiences, and giving each other advice!
  • Enhancing your single life, spicing up your couple's life!
Everyone loves to attend Eros And Company events. So why not invite people you don't see very often? You never know which family member, co-worker, neighbor, or friend will attend your event. Because our demonstrations are friendly, fun, and professional, your guests will not be disappointed.
There is NO minimum number of guests.
Tip: some guests may not show up at the last minute, so don't hesitate to invite a large number of friends.
Simply fill out the reservation form and an Eros And Company ambassador will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting date for your next event.
An Eros And Company event takes about three hours for the presentation and shopping. It can be longer or shorter, depending on the number of guests and their level of participation. The entertainment, the most enjoyable part where your participation is required, takes about two hours, but you also have to consider the preparation of the ambassador at the beginning of the evening and the shopping after the presentation. You will have so much fun that you will never see the time fly by...
We have ambassadors in almost every region of Quebec. We cover all of Quebec, contact us!
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and INTERAC transfers.
Yes, there is no charge for the Eros ambassador to come to your home.
No, all our presentations are free and there is no minimum purchase. However, the Eros And Company ambassador is only compensated for the sales made during the evening and the value of your gifts will be proportional to the purchases made.
You choose the theme of the event. You can have an appetizer, a meal, or even a simple snack! All you need is a room and a table for the Eros And Company ambassador to present the sex toy collection and naughty lingerie. On the other hand, it is important to provide a separate room (kitchen, bedroom...) so that your friends can place their order individually and confidentially.
No, usually purchases are made in a completely confidential manner, in a room designated for this purpose, unless you wish otherwise.
You would be surprised at how little space our events require. We've even held bachelorettes in hotel rooms. It doesn't matter how big or small your house, living room or kitchen is, we can coordinate everything.
Your only responsibility is to decide where the event will take place and who you want to invite. It's that simple! The ambassador will guide you in coordinating everything.
Absolutely nothing! You can book an event with Eros And Company for free! No minimum purchase is required. It's all about having fun and spending quality time with your friends at no extra cost. There is no obligation to buy anything.
All orders are 100% confidential. Purchases take place in a private room, separate from the event and the rest of the guests. Your Eros And Company ambassador will take the time to answer any questions you may have about the products and will advise you on how to make choices that suit your needs.