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Discover The Secret of Oral Pleasure by living the Gloss Eros experience.

Cover your lips or those of your partner with Gloss Eros and you’ll suddenly experience an intense tickling sensation caused by a hot/cold contrast. Now receive or offer pleasure by intimately kissing your partner. Whether for her or him, for upper or lower part of the body, you will understand what sublime oral sex is.

Gloss Eros will transmit its Hot/Cold tingling effects, which is very similar to a continuous orgasm and then this pleasant effect is transformed into a stronger libido. Mixed with its fresh aroma of pure fruit, Gloss Éros brings erotic cosmetology to a whole new level of art and you will be the artist.

The Hot/Cold action of Gloss Eros emulates the state of excitement both men and women experience naturally.

4 In 1 Effect: Freshness - Heat - Tickling - Stimulating sexual relationship
Amplified oral pleasure and more receptivity to your intimate parts.

Gloss Eros is designed to increase and maintain a level of passion between two partners, quite similar to the orgasm itself. High quality ingredients studied to reach the highest degree of the sexual pleasure bring men and women to their best moments of intimacy.

Gloss Eros is your Health and Sexuality appointment.

- Sugar Free
- Gluten Free
- Perfume Free
- Paraben Free
- For Licking
- Water Soluble
- Latex Free

The Oral Pleasure is a practice that goes back to the night of time. Ideal to keep virginity or to avoid pregnancy, it brings couples closer. Moreover, to make this experience more intimate and unforgettable, we offer you Gloss Eros. Enhance and make your oral sex life more enriched. Coat your lips with a generous amount of Gloss Eros and caress your partner passionately, which will mutually give you the pleasure of stimulating kisses.

With Gloss Eros, your tongue and lips, take care of the intimate parts of your partner. Enjoy what Gloss Eros brings to your relationship and enjoy wonderful erotic moments. Gloss Eros offers a golden opportunity to whisper to your partner; ‘’I Love You!’’ say it with tenderness and love!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Gloss Eros is not a spermicide nor a product against STDs.

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