Eros and Company

Eros: Say YES! to your wishes

Eros: Say YES! to your wishes

Say YES! to your wishes

Eros Home Party

Laughter and good atmosphere guaranteed. More than 300 ambassadors throughout Quebec. Live the Eros experience with your friends. Presentations of sensual products.

Free gifts

Up to 3 free gifts with any purchase over $20. Eros And Compagny: The store that offers you even more! You will choose your gifts at check out.

Free Shipping

And discreet, for all orders over $50. And, as we know you can not wait to get your package, we only use the EXPEDITED service, and never the regular service.

Dre Point G's Kit

DrePointG's Kit is dedicated for all women wishing to discover vaginal orgasm. You can already experience vaginal orgasm? Be prepared to have even better ones! You can now choose your very own DrePointG's Kit according to the type of toy or complementary article you desire. Have fun discovering!

Same Day Delivery ?

Place your order before 1:00 PM, and receive it today before 10:00 PM! This unique and ultra-fast service will be available when you check out! Same-day delivery is offered Monday through Friday.