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Here is a toy that does not ignore your gender or your sex.
Here comes the Unisex!
The Unisex is a toy that can suit both ladies and gentlemens.
It stimulates the prostate, G-spot and anal to allow a maximum sensation to all!

This is the first toy that is both versatile and super efficient.

The curve is perfectly designed to stimulate the prostate and the G-spot which makes this toy an extremely effective toy!

However, what makes it unique is that it is an inflatable toy!

Just insert it and make it inflate so that it rests on all the vaginal and/or anal walls!

With its 10 vibration modes, it is also a submersible toy and 1 year warranty.

You will quickly fall in love with the Unisex

Why not maximize your pleasure with the clitoral gel Cream La Magie, an indispensable product for women of all ages! To use in solitary pleasure or to enhance sexual excitement with your partner to discover new sensations. Also add a squeeze of Water-based Lubricant to yourself and toy before use.

After use, try the Toy Cleaner for a complete cleanup.

WebID: AS236-2

Length: 18 Cm (7.09 In)
Insertable length: 13 Cm (5.12 In)
Minimum diameter: 1.8 Cm (0.71 In)
Maximum diameter: 5 Cm (1.97 In)
Color: Blue

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