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The Touch X is a lay-on vibrator and a massager. It is the smoothest vibrator and is perfect for releasing body tension, head-to-toe body massages, or teasing and pleasing your erogenous zones. Its 8 intensity levels of powerful rumbly vibrations intensify the pleasure with 7 modes and deep powerful vibrations.

Very easy to use, this beautiful little toy is very discreet and quiet, so no one will know what you're up to! Just hold it in the palm of your hand, and enjoy a body massage as it caresses your unique curves, or explore your erogenous zones with its deep, rumbly vibrations.

Touch X is rechargeable and waterproof (IPX7), making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean. It also features a travel lock to ensures Touch X won’t switch itself on accidentally. The travel lock is automatically activated when the toy is recharged. Don't be scared to bring your favorite toy wherever you want!

Color: Coral

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