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Introducing the Stretch by the sublime Chrystalino line of products.

Designed for both vaginal and anal stimulation, this beautiful hand-blown borosilicate glass wand is unbreakable, non-porous, and safe for the body.

Push your orgasms to the maximum using it in the same way as anal beads or by wearing it as an anal plug. It can also be used as a beaded dildo to temporarily firm up the vagina if it is cold and used prior to penetration.

Play fearlessly with its temperature as it is extremely thermo-resistant. Whether you are putting it under hot water or in the freezer, the Stretch will keep its temperature. Its smooth texture makes its insertion comfortable and prevents any friction.

Compatible with all types of lubricant and odor-free, it is also hypo-allergenic and easy to clean! Go ahead, take a ride on cloud 9...


Length: 18.7 Cm (7.37 In)
Insertable length: 15 Cm (5.91 In)
Diameter: 3.3 Cm (1.3 In)
Color: Blue

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