The Inflatable Love Bed Liquid Blocker

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Sex pool? Yes please!

The large inflatable Love Bed is designed for people who want to have fun, without messing all the place around. Are you dreaming of immersing your body in a massage oil, smelling the aphrodisiac odors that come out of it, enjoying the effect of hands moving sensually over your body? Your fantasy of seeing naked people rubbing against each other in a bath of gelatin can finally come true. A sensual body-to-body type NURU massage is finally possible! Let your partner's body slide over theirs. In addition, using a slippery water-based liquid, penetrations are easier! The materials are of high quality and guarantee an experience without overflow. Thanks to the inflatable edges, the liquid remains inside the tank. Place it on the floor, on blankets, or on a double or larger mattress. Easy to store, you will have hours and hours of fun!

The Inflatable Love Tub is skin-friendly, latex-free, made of durable PVC and black in color. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be taken and placed virtually anywhere

Length: 200 cm
Width: 100 cm
Height: 12,5 cm

WebID: SD1006

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