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Ever thought of getting yourself a thrusting sex machine but then changed your mind when you saw the price, or seen how much space it took, or how loud it was?

Well, you're in luck. Pipedream has created a sex machine that is affordable, strong, impressively quiet and takes very little space.

Introducing The Bigger Bang. A sex machine unlike any other.

Traditional sex machines often simply thrust in and out, the Bigger Bang Sex Machine uses a proprietary Orb-gasm technology that allows the piston to thrust and rotate simultaneously or independently, delivering incredible climaxes with the performance few machines have ever matched.

With its ultra-modern design, cutting-edge controls, and unmatched versatility, this super-compact satisfier is the most advanced plug-in sex machine ever created. With separate controls for thrusting and rotation, and the ability to operate each function independently or simultaneously, you're in total control of the action.

Control the machine using the circular pad on the top of the machine, or use the handy wireless remote. Powered by a high-output, super-strong motor, the Bigger Bang delivers amazing power and incredible torque, all in a super-compact orbital shape.

The sleek, ergonomic design fits comfortably between your thighs for up close penetration, or you can place the unit on its back! The most amazing part of the Bigger Bang is how you can customize each and every pleasure experience, each and every time!

In addition to your new amazing toy, the package includes a 6in King Cock flesh dildo and an 7in King Cock black Dildo for you to plug on. It also includes the wireless remote controller, a travel bag and a universal adapter.

Don't you just love how sex toys have evolved? We sure do!

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User Reviews

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My best friend, by Malory
Believe it or not, my boyfriend got me this toy and he enjoys watching me use it just as much as I enjoy using it. For its size, it's quite impressive. I love that I can choose exactly how fast I want it to thrust or spin and that it takes so little space. The travel bag that comes with it is pretty convenient too. Good purchase!