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The TENGA Vacuum Controller is an electronic vacuum device made for use with compatible TENGA products to create a suction sensation during use of said products.

Vacuum control at your fingertips!

The Tenga vacuum controller allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside Tenga Cup Series items through a simple button-press! Experience suction like none other! Simply press the round button once to turn on, again to turn off. There’s only ON or OFF – you can use the release button to open up a release valve to manipulate the vacuum strength!

Free U.S. Tenga Original Vacuum Cup with your Tenga Vacuum Controller!

Vacuum strength sensation is subjective and may differ from person to person.

It is powered by 4 AAA Batteries – please only use Alkaline AAA Batteries to keep the product in best condition. Batteries sold separately,

It is only compatible with vacuum compatible cup products. Non-compatible items may cause damage.

Warranty period of three months from date of purchase.

WebID: JAL8834.120

Color: Black

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