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Tenga masturbator line of product incredible reputation is not to prove anymore.

This time, Tenga has improved upon their famous Cup Style with the new Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup now with a removable sleeve for cleaning! Also featuring an all-new airflow structure for boosted Vacuum Suction Sensation!

In the same way our original Cups have their UltraSize brethren, the Reusable Vacuum Cup Ultra provides the great sensations of the Air-Tech Series in a 120% bigger size!

The Sensation of Aerostimulation will increase the succion strenght for more intense and satisfying play sesions.
It is completely body safe, non-toxic, phthalate free and hypo-Allergenic so you can concentrate on what is important.

Absolute quality for garanteed pleasure. Lubrificant included.

After use, try the Toy Cleaner for a complete cleanup.

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