Splash Dry Double Size

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The waterproof towel Splash Dry gives you the occasion to use your massaging lotion, your lubricant or anything you want on your bed, your couch, your table or anywhere you want! When you're done using it, you just have to put it in the washing machine and that's it! Could also be used for squirting women.

With Splash Dry, the towels are over!

Forget your old towels that get wet and take too long to dry. It is designed with the "Cool Dry" polar wool. It is perfect for pic-nics and other activities. Before you start having fun, make sure that there will be nothing in your way by using the Splash Dry. It will last years and years.

Dimension 50’’ x 60’’ (127cm x 152cm)

WebID: V0110

Minimum diameter: 127 Cm (50.02 In)
Maximum diameter: 152 Cm (59.87 In)
Color: Pink

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