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Escape to paradise as you breathe in the seductive Tropical Sunset aroma with hints of sweet orange, pineapple, rose and jasmine. Bring the passion back to foreplay with this luxurious blend of natural oils which nourishes the skin while simultaneously easing tension to prepare for intimacy.

Revolutionizing the future of foreplay, this delectable blend of selected all natural oils with premium quality seed oil nourishes the skin while simultaneously bringing harmony to the body and soul. This alluring oil has the ability to ease tension, increase energy flow and stimulate circulation, leaving your skin to feel velvety smooth. HighOnLove Sensual Massage Oil glides heavenly to the touch and brings a whole new meaning to romance.

Tip: Soak your sensual massage oil bottle in a bowl of warm water to warm it up and treat your partner to an exhilarating massage, perfect for getting in the mood!

High On Love is a Canadian company that creates sensual and erotic products made from pure natural oil. Inspired by the world's leading cosmeticians, these skin-friendly formulas provide stunning intimate experiences and a level of stimulation that only natural oil can offer. Using only the most sophisticated oil and nutrient-rich ingredients from the highest quality international suppliers, High On Love is the most refined alchemy.

This sensual line of cosmetics was created for women who are looking for a magnificent, pure and divine experience. It naturally eliminates vaginal pain and dryness, while elevating physical sensations to a higher level. High On Love products are gynecologically tested, contain no chemicals, are vegan and are not tested on animals. Made with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Like all other products in the HighOnLove range, the sensual massage oil is always prepared in small quantities to ensure the highest quality.

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