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Who hasn't heard of Womanizer yet? For a few years now, Womanizer has become the best-selling brand of female pleasure toys in the world. And with good reason!
Thanks to the unique Pleasure Air technology, these toys offer women an amazing stimulation, different from conventional vibrators. You will experience ultra-fast micro pulses of air that mimic the sensation of a gentle sucking on the clitoris. Unlike vibrations, this technology prevents numbness and allows multiple orgasms. You don't even have to move! Just hold the toy in place on the clitoris and in just a few minutes you will reach unparalleled orgasms!

Introducing the Premium 2 model. Everything you loved about the first Womanizer Premium, in an improved version! And here's why you need it:

14 intensity levels to reach perfect bliss. Start with gentle pressure and gradually build up to the more powerful levels.
100% waterproof (IPX7 tested). So you can take advantage of bath time to treat yourself to a little bit of fun...
Premium silicone coating. Soft to the touch, non-irritating to the skin. Phthalate-free, BPA-free and latex-free.
4 hours of battery life (but you will only need a few minutes to climax, wink wink).
Smart Silence Technology: The toy only starts when it meets your skin. If you're not using it, the toy goes into standby mode. This not only makes the toy quieter to use but keeps you in the moment without distraction. Also, it reduces battery usage. Auto-Pilot 2.0: When active, your toy will alternate between intensity levels and keep you on your toes. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle – always extraordinary.

Quiet, the Premium 2 is extremely discreet. Shush, no one will know...

In addition to your new bestie, the box contains an additional silicone head to allow you to find the perfect size for your body, as well as a cute storage pouch.
You will also find the magnetic USB charging cable as well as a full instruction manual.

What more can we say about the Womanizer Premium 2? Oh yes! It comes with a 5 year warranty.

All you have to do is add it to your cart!

And don't forget to add a toy cleaner to properly sanitize your toy between each use.

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Length: 15.5 Cm (6.1 In)
Color: Black

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