Mini Swan Wand

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Discreet, put it in your travel bags. Designed to find your G-Spot. Small, you can stimulate your clitoris while you make ​​love with your partner. The Mini Swan Wand is a luxurious compact vibe taking its inspiration from the mega successful Swan Wand. The Mini Swan Wand is virtually seamless with a 100% silicone finish. It's smooth, soft and waterproof for a luxurious feel like none other.

For portability and convenience, the Mini Swan Wand has a travel lock and is charged using a USB cord. Simply disconnect it when the charge is complete and it's ready for use.

2 Hours of pleasur before to charge again
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium

Material: Silicone
Shape: Contoured
Texture: Smooth
Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
Functions: Vibrating
Powered by: Rechargeable

WebID: BMS-3-21516

Color: Pink

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