Men Vibration by SatisfyerMen

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The Satisfyer Men Vibration is a novelty very popular with men. The vibrator is very attractive especially because of its style of secret agent and the firmness it gives off.

It has 2 motors, up to 14 vibration modes with different sensitivity levels and a penetration length of 7 cm. The curves of the vibrator are smooth making it easy to take the toy, leaving you with peace of mind to savor your pleasure without any concern.

The vibrator can accompany you in the shower, under the bath or in any romantic place with water since it is water repellent. Your new manly toy is guaranteed for a period of 10 years to certify the quality of the Satisfyer Men. The biocompatible silicone allows a combination imitating vaginal and oral sex which doubles your pleasure.

The vibrator is as powerful as it is attractive, very pleasant to use and is one of the most developed vibrators for men on the market. You will fall in love with this very chic toy that looks straight out of an action movie.


Color: Black

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