Massage Wand Voulez-vous

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- Relax your body and mind?
- Live a moment of tenderness and passion?
- Surrender yourself to your partner?
- Scream until orgasm?

Discover the magical sensations that this compact and elegant massager will give you!

Discreet and silent, it is the perfect travel companion for a sensual solo or duo getaway. Its smooth and satiny texture will allow you to precisely discover erogenous zones that will take you to 7th heaven. Its flexible head makes its handling soft and comfortable, perfectly designed for sensual massages.

Navigate easily among its 10 progressive vibration modes with its 2 buttons, to switch between your preferences. This adorable fun sidekick is 100% rechargeable. In addition, it is water resistant and very easy to clean.

Use it with a HighOnLove massage oil to meet all of your expectations.


WebID: VV-P002
Color: Light Pink

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