Liberty Red Wine by Womanizer

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Live a moment of enjoyment with the pulsating Womanizer red wine.

6 modes of intensity that stimulate you in different ways, Pleasure Air technology comes to amuse your clitoris in contact with the air. The Womanizer is the ideal companion under shower because it's 100% waterproof.

This innovative technology has been designed so that women can achieve orgasm intensely, but without making you exhausted. It is then possible to do other activities because you will still have energy.

The duration of the toy has a duration of almost 30 minutes, and this with the intention that it does not overheat. Once returned to normal temperature, it can still be used at full capacity for a consecutive period of 30 minutes. The battery has a duration of 120 minutes, thereafter, the toy must be recharged with a USB magnetic cable. The toy comes with its transport lid with magnetic closure which makes the transport discreet and hygienic.

Having an orgasm has never been easier and more enjoyable than with the Womanizer.

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Color: Red

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