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If you are looking for a nice change from traditional vibrators, this toy right here will blow your mind. The Ivresse is a double-stimulator, designed to stimulate the clitoris AND the G-spot simultaneously!

On one side, a suction tip rests against your clitoris and exerts micro-pulsations of air to give you an intense sensation without irritation or numbness. This is the most popular sextoy technology in the world at the moment!

On the other side, a wide and well rounded tip fits inside the vagina and offers you the surging motion. The surging motion massages your G-spot like a lover’s fingers, teasing you, coaxing you to an orgasm that will change the way you look at your personal pleasure. This part of the toy can also serve as a clitoral stimulator. With its wide diameter, you won't need to do any back and forth motions. This toy hits the spot, every time!

Thanks to its ergonomic handle and 3 easy-to-control buttons, this unconventional looking toy is easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Ivresse is a magnet-based rechargeable toy. It is therefore very resistant to liquids and is easy to clean.

Covered with high quality silky silicone, it does not irritate the skin and is very easy to insert.

There is no doubt this is the new toy every woman will be talking about!

Sold in a velvet storage bag, NO BOX.

Why not maximize your pleasure with the clitoral gel Cream La Magie, an indispensable product for women of all ages! To use in solitary pleasure or to enhance sexual excitement with your partner to discover new sensations. Also add a squeeze of Water-based Lubricant to yourself and toy before use.

After use, try the Toy Cleaner for a complete cleanup.

WebID: FTV-0203D

Length: 22 Cm (8.66 In)
Insertable length: 10.5 Cm (4.14 In)
Diameter: 4.2 Cm (1.65 In)
Color: Purple

User Reviews

Average customer review (/5):

Best purchase I made, by Winnie
This is my new favourite toy. My mind was blown the first time I used it. I couldn?t believe it. I love the surging motion coupled with the clitoris stimulation. It?s amazing . I highly recommend for those of you who enjoy the motions of being fingered. I practically don?t have to do anything to enjoy the experience .

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