Explorateur by Eros and Company

Home Anal Prostate stimulator
As its name says, this toy is perfect for exploring anal pleasure!

The Explorateur is perfect for stimulating the prostate through its curve, but can also be used by a person without a prostate, in the anus. It is also flexible, which promises comfort!

Whether you are in your car (we recommend not to drive when you wear it so stay on the passenger side!), in a restaurant, at the cinema or in the comfort of your home, The Explorateur can stimulate you in a very discreet way thanks to its wireless remote that allows a control up to 10 meters away!

It will surprise you with its 10 modes of vibration that will undoubtedly take you to the 7th heaven!

The Explorateur recharges with a magnet (don’t worry, the magnet is included when you buy the toy), we recommend an initial recharge of 2 hours before the first use.

WebID: YQ-LA167R

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