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Cum Cum Lube is the revolutionary invention in the form of synthetic sperm that lubricates in an astonishingly way and especially made for women.

This lubricant protects and maintains the microflora while blending naturally with the women's body fluids. Cum Cum Lube lasts and lasts, it has no sticky feeling and no drainage, thanks to its silky-textured, its density and its high natural viscosity. Cum Cum Lube is a water-based lubricant made from natural extracts, it's antibacterial, antifungal and 100% compatible with all kinds of substances.

In a relationship or with your sex toys, Cum Cum Lube offers the natural sensation…naturally!
High Quality Health Care: non-toxic, paraben free, chemical free, fragrance free, mineral-oil-free, DEA free. Totally compatible with: latex, rubber, plastic, silicone and all types of condoms. Cum Cum Lube, the ultimate lubricant for your health and safety! 4oz (118ml)

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