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Clinical studies have proven for several years that vacuum penile expansion devices instantly give harder erections and can
increase the length of the penis permanently. According to the American Urological Association, these devices may also be useful in cases where drugs such as Viagra have failed! Doctors view the penis pump as a safe, effective and cost-effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and claim that prolonged use will improve penis size permanently. Other benefits of the PUMPED range include better control of ejaculation, improved sexual appetite, increased testosterone, longer and harder erections, and continued maintenance of the penile tissue after prostate surgery.

Introducing the all-new PUMPED Classic Penis XL Pump by Shots.

With a total cylinder length of 34cm (13.4") and an inner diameter of 8cm (3.15"), this high-quality augment pump means business and gives you ample possibilities to grow in both directions! The insertion sleeve is made of smooth and flexible silicone for easy insertion. Equipped with a transparent extra-long vacuum the pump allows you to see your penis
grow to an unexpected length and width! The hand held pump has a quick release valve for your comfort.

Also known as a pressed ball pump or bulb pump, this is the most common type of device on the market, as well as the most cost-effective. It is essentially a small ball designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand that you squeeze to activate the air withdrawal. The more you squeeze, the tighter the sleeve around your penis becomes.

In other words, the Classic XL pump is a very interesting choice for those who want to save while getting impressive results!


Length: 30.5 Cm (12.01 In)
Minimum diameter: 6.6 Cm (2.6 In)
Maximum diameter: 8 Cm (3.15 In)
Color: Clear

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