Classic The Hand by Doc Johnson

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Attention all anal pleasure enthousiasts. Let us introduce you to the Classic "The Hand". Its texture and shape are ideal for easy insertion. This realistic duckbill shaped fist replica is suitable for anal and vaginal pleasure.

Made entirely of premium antibacterial phthalate-free PVC rubber that is both firm and flexible, this model is perfect for anyone who aims to test their limits and explore a little more "extreme" kind of pleasure.

Total length 16in (40.64cm)
Diameter 3in (7.62cm) at widest
Fist circumference 9.42in (23.92) at widest

WebID: DJ0262-01-CD

Length: 40.64 Cm (16.01 In)
Circumference: 23.92 Cm (9.42 In)

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