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We are proud to introduce Bloom by We-Vibe vibrating Kegel balls with progressive weights.

3 progressive weights and powerful rumbly vibrations to enhance your Kegel exercises.

Pleasure with benefits. Have fun exploring a new way to do your Kegel exercises. With progressive weights for toning and rumbly vibrations to enjoy, it’s designed with pleasure in mind. Bloom by We-Vibe makes strengthening your PC muscles fun and easy, so you may achieve more satisfying orgasms.

How does it work?

Simply insert Bloom into your vagina and squeeze to strengthen your PC muscles. Switch between three progressive weights to increase your level of inner fitness. Turn on the vibration to add pleasure.


Toning and strengthening your PC muscles may help you climax more easily and with greater intensity. As your muscles get stronger, increase the intensity of your workout by using heavier weighted balls.


Toning and strengthening your PC muscle increases blood flow to the muscles, enhancing sensations and making it easier to orgasm. Your muscles contract during an orgasm, so a toned pelvic floor can intensify your orgasms.


Bloom is made with soft, body-safe silicone, so it’s comfortable to wear. It comes with three progressive weights (10 g, 30 g and 45 g) that are easy to interchange.

With the free We-Connect app you can add pleasure by switching between preset vibes and customizing your own vibes.
With Powerful and rumbly vibrations your workout will never be boring with over 10 different powerful rumbly vibrations.
Bloom is 100% waterproof making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

Also features a low power alert so that you know when your Bloom needs a charge, so it’s ready to go when you are.
It’s confortable design is unique and made with silky smooth silicone that is soft and gentle on your body.

As it’s rechargeable, it is convenient and eco-friendly, Bloom is rechargeable and lasts for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. No need for costly and wasteful disposable batteries.

With the free WE-CONNECT app you can add pleasure by switching between preset vibes and customizing your own vibes.
Choose between 10 VIBRATION MODES - Low - Medium - High - Pulse - Ultra - Wave - Massage - Tease - Tempo – Ramp.

What is in the box :
3 progressive weights (10g, 30g, 45g)
USB for charging via any USB port
We-Vibe Lube — made by pjur 2ml sample.

2 years warranty from We-Vibe.


Color: Coral

User Reviews

Average customer review (/5):

Nice product, by Customer E.
Good overall product. - very comfortable while wearing it - texture is nice - its almost silent. Can wear it without other notice the vibration - the best kegel vibration ive tested yet (3 other kegel tested) Cons - disconect after 10 minutes of inaction with the We-Connect but keep vibrating -have to remove it to reconnect to it - We-Connect disconnecting often while remote access.

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