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Ladies, have you ever heard of intimate pumps? While this type of product is not the most commonly talked about, it is an object of pleasure with a great potential for several erogenous zones.

Introducing the Bloom intimate pump, designed not only to increase blood flow to the erogenous zones but also to stimulate them with powerful vibrations. Once engorged with blood, the erogenous zones become more sensitive and therefore easier to stimulate. The vibrations then become a source of intense stimulation!

Thanks to its 4 interchangeable heads, this vibrating pump is ideal for stimulating the nipples, the clitoris and the entire vulva area. The cups are specially designed to conform to feminine curves and the ergonomic handle is positioned for easy handling. Soft silicone edges make the suction cups both waterproof and comfortable for extended use.

7 vibration modes and 7 suction functions allow 49 unique combinations for maximum sensations. Easy to use, the pump requires only two activation buttons and also offers a quick release button for safe use. Once sealed, you can afford to let go of the pump and have your hands free.

Rechargeable via USB cable, this pump requires no battery change and gives you up to 90 minutes of continuous pleasure on a full charge.

Bloom also includes a Power Lock control which allows the functions of the toy to be locked during luggage transport. This not only saves you from unnecessarily draining your toy's battery but also avoids any embarrassing situation when transporting it.

The set also includes a storage bag to keep your toy dust-free and for discreet storage on the go.

Eros recommends using water-based lubricant on the silicone edges to increase the sealing of the suction cups and also to allow the skin to slide naturally inside them without friction. Do not forget to visit our "Lubricants" section to choose from our large selection of high quality products.

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Length: 22.86 Cm (9 In)
Color: White/Blue

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