Anus Silicone Sleeve for Autoblow A.I. by Autoblow

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Have you heard of the Autoblow A.I.? It is nothing less than the most technologically advanced masturbation device in the world. And it lets you interchange the sleeves for your enjoyment. 3 sleeves are available, each one with a different texture.

Introducing the 100% pure silicone Anus A.I. sleeve. Perfectly tight and smooth, it is sure to provide the level of tightness you've always dreamed of.

Simple to install and remove, it will only take you a few seconds to change the sleeve in your favorite toy.

Cleaning it is also a breeze, just remove the silicone sleeve from the Autoblow A.I. device and rinse it with water, then disinfect it with your toy cleaner.

Treat yourself to the whole collection today!

WebID: AB44900

Color: Beige

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