Le Tout-puissant Wireless Massager

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Power, lightness, maneuverability, elegance... that's what the Almighty Cordless Massager from our attractive Eros and Company line of products is offering you!

Why choose a corded massager when you can find the same power and efficiency in a wireless massager?

With its elegant and refined look, it stands out from conventional massagers. Made of high-quality silicone, it glides effortlessly on the skin, either to offer a relaxation in the back, or for an intense orgasm when used on your clitoris.

Simple to control, only 3 buttons to make you float in extasy. Choose from its 10 vibration modes and let yourself be carried by these waves of pleasure or by a continuous vibration, the choice is yours. 3 speeds are available: 4000 rpm, 5800 rpm or 7200 rpm.

The rechargeable cordless massager is also designed to be water resistant, which will allow you to indulge wherever you want...

For a most sumptuous massage, use a silicone-free body oil.

Includes USB charging cable. Allow an initial charge of 8 hours before first use.

Why not maximize your pleasure with the clitoral gel Cream La Magie, an indispensable product for women of all ages! To use in solitary pleasure or to enhance sexual excitement with your partner to discover new sensations. Also add a squeeze of Water-based Lubricant to yourself and toy before use.

After use, try the Toy Cleaner for a complete cleanup.

WebID: YQ-LW98

Length: 30.6 Cm (12.05 In)
Diameter: 5.5 Cm (2.17 In)
Color: Black/Silver

User Reviews

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Adult water part, by supersoaker3000
All I can say is that I was left in a daze and extremely satisfied; I highly recommend

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