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Get ready for a fierce ride with Tenga Standard Rolling Head!

This toy is transforming the usual reverse cowgirl position to a whole new level of fun and naughtiness. Rolling Head features unparalleled tightness and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees around the head of your penis. A vast range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible, including back and forth, right and left and rolling movements. Rolling Head is inauspiciously designed so that your pleasant toy will never be discovered by unwanted eyes!

The TENGA CUP Series is designed solely for one-time disposable use. With concerns to hygiene, we do not recommend using the item more than once regardless of ejaculation. Also in the interests of achieving the most out of your TENGA experience, we suggest use without a condom for direct stimulus. TENGA offers the TENGA FLIP Series and TENGA 3D Series for those in search of a reusable device.

You want to know more about Tenga and its products?

Tenga products, issued from a new Japanese technology, are engineered to please a man whenever, wherever, and however he likes, without the use of of any artificial and loud accessories that features things such as motors flashlight-looking devices and blow-up dolls. You do not have to be dependant of a partner anymore to feel like you are with one! It doesn't get better than that. Tenga products are discreet, disguised as trendy products. They're great for travel, and will always keep you satisfied!

Consult this video to know more about Tenga products.

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Color: Red

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