Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash

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The Flip Orb contains firm, flexible orbs encased in soft elastomer that bound and ripple as you pass through! Enjoy sensations that can’t be achieved with soft material alone.

Flip Orb Orange Crash
Ribbed waves are punctuated by alternating orbs for a boost in stimulation.

Flexible Orbs
The Flip Orb houses an elastomer sleeve with firm orbs encased in the soft sleeve material. The Orbs flex and move as you insert, creating layered stimulation for a completely new sensation!

Constriction Point
The Flip Orb is the first hourglass-shaped item in the Flip series, with a cap instead of slide arms to hold it closed. This shape makes the product easy to hold and provides a sensational squeeze mid-way through!

WebID: JAL8834.011

Length: 17.8 Cm (7.01 In)
Color: Orange

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