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Can’t make decisions? The Mystique box is the solution for you! Let yourself be tempted by this 4 in 1!

This fantastic set includes a vibrator with 4 interchangeable heads. Surrender to the multiple pleasures that the Mystic offers you!

This kit will allow you to choose from a vibrating head, a head that swivels inside the vagina while stimulating the clitoris, a phallic-looking head and the last one offers you the experience of a classic "rabbit" vibrator!

Find out what is your favorite pleasure at the intensity of your choice, each head offering 10 vibration modes! Your G-spot and your clitoris will thank you!

It's easy to put on the stimulating part of your choice! You just have to turn the one that's already in place counterclockwise while holding the base of your toy, and voilà! Screw your new bit clockwise, and you're done!

This set does not require any batteries as it is rechargeable! These toys are completely covered with silky silicone, making use pleasant and comfortable!

Sold in a beautiful discreet storage box, the secret of which only you will know!

After use, do not forget the Eros Toy Cleaner for a thorough cleaning!

WebID: YQ-LW76

Color: Purple

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