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Finally a strap-on that stimulates you while you stimulate your partner!

Gently insert the vaginal part of this toy then, you are already ready to penetrate the person who is with you!
The vaginal part is the perfect size and shape: you don't need to be especially muscular to be able to wear it and thanks to its specially thought-out strength, it fits perfectly against your G-spot in order to massage it when you give pleasure to your partner!
Well placed against your clitoris, a tongue offers you intense cunnilingus and pleasure air technology!
The person who shares your bed is not left out: the insertable part also vibrates!

As if it weren't enough, all of its options can be controlled independently of each other, directly on the strap-on and also with a remote!
Each of the three parts offers 10 different modes, giving you a multitude of different combinations! Don't worry about batteries, this toy is rechargeable!
The Complice is coated with FDA-type silicone, a very soft and pleasant silicone for any type of insertion!

Size: 232x114.5x38mm

Insert size: 80mm and 135mm

WebID: AS294

Color: Purple

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